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Key drivers

Within STEP AP209, design and analysis have separate but related product definitions. The main advantage of this separation relies in the fact that this allows support of independent configuration control between the disciplines. The sharing of information means, for instance, that nodes can be located to be the same as points defining curves, surfaces, and solids. Both disciplines may also share composite constituents, material properties, and material specifications.

Another crucial aspect is that transfer between CAD 3D shape and CAE analysis information may be bi-directional, enabling the feedback of information in the iterative design/analysis environment.



STEP AP209  =  CAD : Nominal CAD Geometry
                      + CAE : Idealized CAE “Simulation-Specific” Geometry
                      + FEM : Finite Element Models
                      + FEA : Finite Element Analysis Controls & Results
                      + PDM : Product Data Management.

One can use AP209 with any one or more of these pieces, but the real power lies with the assemblage of all these parts.


High Level AP209 ed2 Composition

Due to the new modular architecture, STEP AP209 ed2 shares all modules with STEP AP242 thus ensuring perfect integration.

The figure here after presents the hierarchy of STEP AP209 ed2 modules:


Source: « ISO 10303-209 Edition 2 Overview », Lockheed Martin, Revision 1.4 – March 2013

The next 2 figures provide a more detailed overview of the capabilities of STEP AP209 ed2.

The first figure illustrates the STEP AP242 capabilities portion of STEP AP209 ed2:


The last figure here after shows more detail of the modular components of the classical Finite Element capability, and the added capabilities for generic structured and unstructured mesh based numerical analysis, CFD, and field based property definition:



Shape representations in AP209

Here after are some AP209 shape representations (US Army Tank Command TACOM pilot):


IMPLEMENTATION, Keith A. Hunten, P.E. Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems


AP209 ed2 Express Schema

The Express Schema of AP209 ed2 is available on CAx-IF website: link.

2 formats are specifically given: