AP209-NASTRAN mapping AP209-NASTRAN mapping

 An example of mapping between STEP AP209 ed2 and NASTRAN format (grid points), as described in the Handbook, is presented here below:

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Typology of STEP AP209 Documents Typology of STEP AP209 Documents

The complementarity of the various AP209-related documents is depicted here after:


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AP209 Handbook AP209 Handbook


The STEP AP209 ed2 Linear Static Structural FEA Handbook is a resource used to introduce the reader to technical skills needed to map finite element models (such as the pilot test problems) to the STEP AP209 ed2 data model.
It provides instance diagrams used to understand structures of the STEP AP209 ed2 data model.
It offers a complete mapping between the FEA concepts developed in 4 test models (NASTRAN format) and the equivalent STEP constructs.


  1. Background information on STEP format and related resources
  2. Introduction to STEP AP209 ed2
  3. Description of STEP AP209 ed2 data model
  4. Based on test models, description of the FEA concepts in terms of:
    1. STEP entities diagrams
    2. Finite Element Model input (extracts from NASTRAN bulk)
    3. STEP AP209 ed2 file related fragments
  5. NASTRAN input files
  6. STEP AP209 ed2 equivalent files

Handbook development

The FEA concepts described in the volumes are:
  • Volume 1: Coordinate systems, Nodes, Elements, Properties, Materials
  • Volume 2: Subcases, Loads, Boundary Conditions
  • Volume 3: Output requests, Results.