AP209 standard status AP209 standard status

STEP AP209 was developed by ISO TC184/SC4 WG12 Engineering Analysis Committee.

The last developments for edition 2 were conducted under PDES, Inc. Engineering Analysis Project.

A proposal for an edition 3 extending the scope of the standard to include the notion of correlation between analysis/simulation and testing is under study at ISO.

AP209 Supporting Projects AP209 Supporting Projects

The following projects contribute to the development of STEP AP209 and/or to its implementation and exploitation:

LOTAR Engineering Analysis and Simulation (EAS)

Defines international standards and capabilities for long term archiving, retrieval and reuse of EAS data (primarily Structural Analysis data) based on STEP AP209 ed2.

STEP File Analyzer (NIST)

To generate a spreadsheet from any STEP file, check its content and validate conformance to the Recommended Practices.
To show a 3D visualization of the part or model represented by a STEP AP209 ed2 file.


Collaborative multi-disciplinary design, analysis and test data management and correlation.


Computer Aided Technologies for Additive Manufacturing.


Integrated & Distributed Engineering Services framework for MDO